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Green Fleet

Green Fleet @ SBSC - Learn to Race!

Green Fleet is a unique program to Sandy Bay Sailing Club and is the main induction point for new sailors and their families. It is a structured environment where new sailors learn both the rhythms of life at the club as well as make friends, further develop their sailing skill, and get a taste of the sport side of sailing.  SBSC is a sports focused club, providing training and development for sailors up through their young adult years… and it all starts with the learning and fun at Green Fleet!

Want to learn a bit more about Junior sailing at our club? read out information booklet here.

Green Fleet FAQs (click to expand)

Why is Green Fleet important for my sailor’s development?

Green Fleet is the place where budding sailors solidify their skills and confidence so they are prepared for afternoon club racing. It is a safe, friendly and manicured environment where they can build friendships, and expand their comfort zone with their new skills. They will also develop boatcare skills and learn the ins and outs of being a sailor at Sandy Bay Sailing Club.

What programs are available to Green Fleet Members?

Green Fleet sailors have access to Saturday morning training/racing, Sunday training offerings (in peak Summer and Autumn terms), targeted training camps over School Holidays, and Mid-Week Training (after-school session)

Why do parents attend Green Fleet?

Green Fleet is also the induction for parents and families to life at Sandy Bay Sailing Club! There are essential lessons offered on how to support your sailor, general boat care and safety practices, as well as the first step in volunteering on race day… “getting your toes wet” if you will…  MOST IMPORTANTLY, a little extra effort and support for your sailor in their early development can make the difference between a casual activity and a sport they enjoy for years to come.

What should I expect as a parent in Green Fleet?

Plan on getting wet! With the variable conditions on the Derwent River, there is an expectation that parents will help their sailors launch and land when conditions are challenging or tricky. Also plan on managing fears/tears based on the days challenges, and working with the coaches to manage them. Finally, expect a magnificent front row seat to your child falling in love with a life-long passion!

When is my sailor ready to begin Green Fleet?

When they are able to partner launch/land, capsize & recover with no assistance, demonstrate group listening skills, perform up & down mode of sailing and complete a tack and a gybe (the skill targets for Learn to Sail Tackers Level 2)

We do not have a boat yet, can my sailor participate?

Yes! You may use a plastic Opti until purchasing your own fibreglass or becoming a crew in a Cadet (2-person boat, skippered by a more experienced sailor). However, it is recommended to graduate from the plastic boat as soon as practiceable, as the proper boats provide both an easier and broader range of skill development.

When is it time to invest in a boat?

When your child cannot think or talk about anything else! When they come home and say, “all I want to do is sail” then they are ready. There is a limit to what your sailor is able to learn in the plastic boats. The fibreglass boats offer a much broader potential for skill development, as well as introduce the responsibility of boat care.

My sailor would like to try crewing, is this possible in Green Fleet?

Yes! Experienced Cadet sailors volunteer their time to offer “taste tests” during Green Fleet. If your sailor is keen, please mention to the Green Fleet coaches on the day, or get in contact with Head Coach Lizzi.

What boats are eligible to attend Green Fleet?

Optimists recent grads from Learn to Sail Tackers Level 2, returning green fleeters and intermediate Opti sailors; First year Cadet helms

When is my sailor ready to graduate to afternoon Club Racing?

There is no hard graduation per se. Sailors, rather, transition over a period of time to participating in afternoon Club Racing. The Green Fleet coaches and/or your own sailor will let you know when it is time. New Intermediate sailors (the entry level point for afternoon racing) are also encouraged to continue participating in Green Fleet to continue developing racing skills, while they venture onto the big course and practice the endurance and challenge aspects of the sport. If you would like to discuss further, get in touch with Head Coach Lizzi.

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Green Fleet Term 1 2024 – Commencing February 17th 2024

9 am – 12 pm – Register HERE

Midweek Training – Fridays

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